About the Office

Privacy is of the utmost importance.  Appointments are spaced far enough apart that patients should only see Dr. Stone, and not other patients during their scheduled visit.  The windows facing the street are tinted.

In the event of an early arrival by the next patient, there is a separate exit available from the treatment room with parking in both the front and rear of the office. 

150 Fairview Rd.

Mooresville, NC 28117


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Symbolic meaning of the Insight logo

The stylized “koru” or unfurling fern frond, symbolizes new beginnings, hope and renewal.  The two adjoining, forming an arch represents the therapeutic alliance between doctor and patient.  “Insight” becoming darker represents gaining knowledge or self-awareness as treatment progresses. 


Robin Stone M.D.  Insight Psychiatry

Insight Psychiatry Inc., Dr. Robin Stone

150 Fairview Rd., Suite 130, Mooresville, NC 28117  -  704-948-3810