Sessions are by appointment only, including evenings for your convenience.  If Dr. Stone is unavailable to take your call, please leave a message and she will respond as quickly as possible.  It is helpful for her to know if someone has referred you.  Of course, self-referrals are always welcome.


If you request a consultation letter be sent to your referring provider, Dr. Stone will discuss the content during your initial evaluation.

Dr. Stone does not perform psychiatric evaluations for legal purposes such as establishing grounds for a personal injury claim, or for the sole purpose of obtaining social security disability income.  Dr. Stone does not perform psychiatric evaluations to assess a patient’s “fitness” for a particular medical procedure.

If you have any further questions, please contact the office.


Please request refills through your pharmacy at least two business days in advance.  Prescriptions are not refilled on the weekends

Telephone Calls

There is no charge for necessary calls, although Dr. Stone may need to see you in person before recommending any changes in treatment.  Most calls are answered before 4 pm on the day they are received.  If your call goes to voice mail, please leave a number where you can be reached and the best time to call. 

Email communication is not an option because of confidentiality concerns.

Missed Appointments

Dr. Stone understands that occasionally patients will need to cancel or reschedule appointments.  Usually this is no problem, but to keep the practice running smoothly she requires notice of any cancellation a minimum of 24 hrs in advance or you will be billed at the usual fee.  Continuity of care is important to ensure quality psychiatric care.  If too many appointments are missed or cancelled, this may make ongoing treatment impracticable.

How do I contact Dr. Stone

You can call Dr. Stone’s office line at 704-948-3810 during regular business hours (9:00am – 5:00pm).  If Dr. Stone is with another patient or it is after business hours the call will go to her confidential voice mail.  Messages will be returned when Dr. Stone is available.

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