FAQ: Why don’t you accept insurance?

Prior to managed care, patients could take comfort in the fact that their doctor knew them personally and had their best interests at heart.  Today the practice of medicine suffers from oversight by ever-expanding bureaucracies.  Treatment decisions are influenced by arbitrary guidelines enforced by insurance reviewers who often do not have an understanding of patient-centered care and who are rewarded for their ability to say ‘no’ or deny payment.  To the detriment of society, mental health care is often singled out, subject to coverage limits that are a fraction of the coverage provided for other illnesses.  Referrals for psychiatric evaluation or psychotherapy often require the approval of third parties disengaged from the day to day practice of clinical medicine.


Managed care organizations and insurance companies can require detailed information about a patient’s psychiatric history as a condition of payment.  This may extend to requesting information regarding progress of medication treatment and/or psychotherapy. Such requirements are a serious breach of the traditional private and confidential relationship between patient and psychiatrist.


While recognizing the economic realities of the escalating cost of health care, Dr. Stone does not think it is appropriate for healthcare decisions to be determined by insurance screeners.  Therefore, she does not participate in provider contracts that result in production pressures which limit the time needed for physicians to truly understand and properly treat their patients.  As a psychiatrist-therapist, Dr. Stone knows that safety and confidentiality are crucial for successful treatment, principles that should never be compromised.


Major and minor mental illnesses continue to carry an undeserved stigma in society.  Any insurance submission leaves a trail of information through several layers of a health network; an issue avoided by choosing an independent physician.  Dr. Stone does not share patient records or invoices with any other parties unless explicitly authorized.  It’s important for patients to be aware that insurance claims can unfairly contribute to later denials of life insurance or disability insurance policies, and can even raise barriers in some professions. 


These are just a few of the reasons patients may choose to pay for services outside of their insurance plans.  Dr. Stone’s office is straightforward and designed to allow the majority of time to be spent caring for her patients.  She answers all phone calls personally, appreciating the frustrations inherent in trying to contact one’s physician directly. 


If you are needing assistance with locating a Medicare or Medicaid provider please go to: www.mecklenburgamha.org/InfoLine.php or call 704-336-6404

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