Robin L. Stone, M.D.

A Caring Philosophy

Although it may seem difficult at times, finding balance in your life isn't impossible. Dr. Robin Stone can help you overcome obstacles that keep you from feeling fully alive at work, play, or in your relationships with others.

At Insight Psychiatry things are done a bit differently. Understanding not everyone is cut out for the same treatment, Dr. Stone sees patients as people-- not merely diagnoses or conditions. As an experienced and highly skilled medical care provider, she has spent her entire career helping others to free themselves from pain -- physical or psychological. She listens carefully to patients and responds to them as individuals, not as a diagnosis or part of a daily quota of patients that need to be seen. She takes the time necessary to provide effective treatment.

There are other ways Insight Psychiatry is different. Unlike most psychiatrists who rely strictly on medications, Dr. Stone has a balanced approach to treatment offering both medication and psychotherapy.

Dr. Stone's approach to treatment is collaborative; she believes in open and honest communication between doctor and patient. She understands medication should be used to help a person live and feel better as defined by each individual's standards, believing one should take medication only if he or she believes it is beneficial. Ideally, medication is used concurrently with a process that builds general well-being and health.

Treatment is a partnership between doctor and patient

The therapeutic alliance that develops between doctor and patient is a sacred trust. Recognizing that it is often difficult to make the decision to seek psychiatric help, Dr. Stone offers a safe, accepting, and welcoming environment where people can begin working to restore a sense of health, joy and freedom to their lives.

Dr. Stone knows that we all have traits, predispositions, and behavior patterns that make each one of us singular. She realizes that a proper treatment plan can only be developed after spending enough time with a patient.

The Road to recovery

When chosen wisely, psychiatric treatment can help people alleviate suffering, foster resiliency, and increase the capacity for self-understanding. Dr. Stone encourages open dialogue, acknowledging each patient's right to fully participate in the health care decisions that will affect their lives.

As a patient of Dr. Stone you will always receive treatment that is:





 Conducted in comfortable, friendly surroundings



What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.


- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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